Dallas Vintage Marketing wants to help antique and vintage dealers get more traffic to their booths, stores and malls. We do this by creating a brand for each dealer. For example if Daryl sells vintage dolls at his booth then we will market it as Daryl’s Dolls. When a customer searches for Daryl’s Dolls he will find them on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist and Instagram . All of these websites will have information about Daryl’s Dolls and the location of his booth. There will be multiple photos of dolls for sale and a brief description of each doll along with the price. Customers looking for that doll may find more of Daryl’s Dolls that they like too and will show up to look in Daryl’s booth.

In addition by adding new dolls each week it keeps Daryl’s name out there and he will be what people start to look for anytime they need a doll. By adding new inventory to his on line market place, Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist, Google and Instagram it drives more people to the booth. Since people don’t always buy what they have come in on but often buy something else, having new inventory on line helps move the older inventory out of the booth.



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