Each website we create is tailored to your specific needs to reflect the individual personality of your business. We incorporate your look, your style be it modern or vintage, flashy or savvy. From there a thoughtful layout is chosen to incorporate your needs. Wether you want an online site for customers to see or want go a step further to have an online store we can work within your parameters. 

Our goal is to see you expand your business by showing local, regional and even global consumers what items you have available for purchase. 

Once we build your website we can include an online store that can transform your business into the global marketplace. By allowing consumers to purchase online from your own online store that can be set to also showcase on sites such as Etsy and eBay. 

Another service we offer is putting your items for sale on Charish that has 33 million website viewers. Charish offers a variety of shipping options to assist you. 

The difference between selling only from your website is there isn’t any additional fees, commissions. Once you step into placing items for sale on other platforms they will charge you a fee or commission to have a presence on their websites. However the exposure these websites can offer are huge and could dramatically increase your sales.

One way to think about this is if an interior designer walks into your shop and expects a discount, (we all know what that number is) then it may be the same amount or less to pay the fees and get more exposure on these other websites or platforms. If you begin selling two or there times as much merchandise then it would certainly be worth taking the leap. 

At any rate without having any type of online exposure, especially a website you are falling far behind others in your field. You will be lacking by not being found on places like Google and Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Dallas Vintage Marketing wants to help you show your unique treasures to buyers looking for what you have.

Please contact Maria Jones for further information.

Websites and Charish 

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